Clams Miso Soup

■ Ingredients
300g clams
3 tbsp miso
1 green onion
3 and 1/2 cups water

■ Directions
1. Rinse the clams with water.
2. Shred the green onion.
3. Put the clams into a pot and pour water.
4. Boil it and skim the scum.
5. Add the miso into the pot and melt it.
6. Turn off the heat after it boiled.
7. Put the shred green onion on top before eating.

When the sand of the clams which you bought is not removed,
remove the sand by yourself.

How to remove the sand from clams.
1. Make 3% salt water.
2. Pour the salt water into a bowl.
3. Put the clams into the bowl.
4. Cover the bowl with a cloth or something to make it dark.
5. Let the bowl sit more than 2 hours.